Questions for Yourself

You’ve spent a year making sex your job. At first this was a great job, the pay was crap, but the boss was hot and there were other benefits, unfortunately as with many couples, the act of making a baby may have actually started to feel like a job. It has become apparent that all the baby making isn’t actually resulting in a baby.

Before seeking treatment it is important that you and your partner discuss just what you are and are not willing to do and how far you plan to go in the process. There can be unexpected questions that require quick answers, financial concerns, moral and spiritual concerns as well. 

Talk to and continue to talk to you partner along the way. 

Keeping the lines of communications open is essential for getting through anything.

How far are you willing to go? 

There are several types of treatments out there, each one with it’s own cost and reward. Will you stop at timed intercourse, IUIs, IVF, FET? Or will you stop after a number of years or dollars spent?

Will you use donor sperm, donor eggs, adopted embryos, a surrogate? 

If there are additional embryos what will be done with them? Will they be destroyed, go to science, or placed for adoption?

If treatment results in a number of multiples not considered viable will you selectively terminate or continue the pregnancy?

How long do you want to undergo treatment?

Are there financial concerns?

How do you want to pay for treatment?

Would you like to adopt? 

If so what type of adoption? 

How many children?

This list may seem overwhelming and everything does not need to be discussed immediately but