Pineapple ?

What's With the Pineapple?


So, What’s the deal with Pineapple? And other things you hear. 

As a person enters the world of infertility they may be overwhelmed and sometimes wonder what they hell are they talking about?

Pineapples, rainbow babies, ovulation strips, hostile cervical mucus. 

Pineapple or mucinex is used to create favorable cervical mucus to facilitate the movement of sperm. Hostile cervical mucus is a thick mucus that harms sperm 

Rainbow babies are babies born following a miscarriage.

Ovulation Strips are used to detect an increase in LH levels that suggest ovulation will occur soon. These can become very expensive and I recommend buying them in bulk via Amazon or another supplier Wondo is a fairly popular brand. 

HcG Strips are pregnancy tests. Given how often most women will test I suggest using the cheap version purchase in bulk. Wondo or the dollar store brands are the ones I personally use. This allows you to obsess to your hearts delight as well as to test out your trigger. 

Trigger shop is a shot given to induce ovulation.

Testing out the trigger. A trigger shot is a rush of HcG and for this reason you will test positive on a pregnancy test. Many women will test the trigger out meaning they will take a pregnancy test each day to make it easier to tell the difference between an actual positive pregnancy test and trigger shot.